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Welcome to Cash Guerilla Recording Studios; the recording studio Gem of Houston, Texas. Artist all over the world have gone to studios to pay their hard earned money to bring their music to life to only leave without not only lacking a great experience, but feeling as if the engineer had no commitment to their project. With our recent addition and lead audio engineer Namath Truman our quality has soared tremendously. Namath is a certified Avid (pro tools) engineer from Media Tech Houston. Namath has an excellent ear for music and an amazing talent with all genres. Our president/engineer, Jamelyn Brown aka Pit Boss, is not only an engineer and producer, but also a Hip Hop artist with over 20 years of experience in the music industry. We believe that your studio session should be a great experience. It should be fun, but yet affordable including professional and constructive feedback along with guidance to bring the best out of each artist and their project. We cater to clients who have never recorded to those who have recording contracts. Here at Cash Guerilla Recording Studios we take pride in getting involved, asking questions while familiarizing ourselves with the needs of our clients and project goals. Our services include recording, mixing and mastering, music video production, photo shoots, and album covers. We take pride in delivering high quality and affordable services for every client. We are proud to say that our clients call our studio their recording home and continue to come back. 

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